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from The 30′ sloop, “Saoirse”

Welcome to the Salty Dog Beer Blog!  Here you will find all things pertaining to brewing, sipping, slugging, and chugging that oh-so-heavenly elixir, BEER.  This blog is brought to you by Salty Dog and Half Pint, from their 30′ sailboat named Saoirse.  The discussion of beer will not be limited to any one part of the world by any means.  This journey will take us from the Pacific Coast through the Heartland, The South, and New England.  Salty Dog Beer Blog will cross all of the oceans in search of the world’s greatest beers.  Please join us in this adventure and post any comments that you may have along the way.  We’re looking forward to hearing feedback and maybe some new brew suggestions from you homebrewers out there.  We’ll see you in the tap room.

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Coffees of Hawaii


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  1. jojo

    ever hear of beer allergies?

    • What, like a rash? I guess it’s possible. Have two pints of stout and sleep it off. Seriously, though, I have a friend who has an intolerance for gluten and has found some gluten-free beers that seem to be less rough on his stomach. Every New Year’s Eve he celebrates by drinking real beer and pretending it’s fine. Usually, it’s not.

  2. docndancer

    what kind of beer should a wine lover drink

  3. salty puppy

    Is there a salty cat?!

  4. shiloh

    I’m so glad you’re doing all this hard work so our boys can come work for you one day:) Cheers to you! B, S and the boys

  5. Jo

    Amazing blog – you must be a true devotee of beer if judged by your wit!

  6. I believe that we shall prepare then to buy stock in your fine company while the opportunity yet exists! Please advise our chief finance officer (Peggy) about what the costs of such a venture as this may amount to.

  7. Will you become rich from this blog someday?

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